Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Centurion: The mind went back to the 1999 World Cup in England.Sachin Tendulkar had to rush back to India after losing his father midway through the event.Tendulkar stayed in Mumbai for two days,then returned to England to do duty for the country and promptly score a century,against Kenya.Upon reaching three figures,Tendulkar looked heavenwards,stood still for a moment before acknowledging the cheers from the fans.He later said that he was looking upwards,hoping his father would have seen him do well and would be proud of his son.

On Sunday,as India celebrated his 50th Test century,Tendulkar again remembered his father.Yesterday (Saturday) was my fathers birthday.I dedicate this century to him.The first thing I thought of after reaching the hundred was my father.

Tendulkar,who thanked his fans for their fabulous support over the years.said he was happy that the landmark is done with.Was he under any pressure because of the huge expectation You guys only created it, Tendulkar said pointing at the media,at the post-match PC.You built the foundation on which I constructed my innings today.

Tendulkar was not sure how he should react when asked about his feelings.Cant say how Im feeling.Im happy... Cant really express how Im feeling.

But when a local journalist asked him if records meant a lot to him,Tendulkar reacted sharply.I play for the love of the game.I have often requested for time out from cricket so that I can come back refreshed and fit.The Board has given me the rest.If I was after records,I wont ask for rest. 

While reiterating that the toss played a crucial role in the Test,Tendulkar said that it could not be an excuse for the team.The conditions were different on different days but weve to take that. He stressed that a good showing in the second innings was essential for India.We needed to send a strong message that were here to fight and I think we've done that.

What about his prolific batting in 2010 in which he has seven centuries in 13 Tests Tendulkars simple explanation was,Ive been playing well,been enjoying my batting.And in the last couple of years,Ive been moving well. Tendulkar also spoke to his fans back home in Hindi and Marathi before letting the TV cameras swarm all over him.Tough job,this man has.On the field,and off it.

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