Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chennaiite sings Sachin anthem

It’s been a terrific 20 by any standards. Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar completes a historic 20 years in cricket today and a Chennaiite has expressed his admiration for the superstar by composing a song dedicated to Sachin, hailing his achievements. Bruce Sylvester Nicholas, a communication trainer based in Chennai with an affinity for singing, has come up with a track called Sachin aap hain the best. The catchy, multilingual number (in English and Hindi) incorporates elements of western classical, calypso and even dappankuthu styles.
Bruce, who’s also a former cricket commentator and Blue Star cricket league player says, “I started working on the song almost six months ago. I wanted to honour Sachin with a heartfelt memento when he reached the 17,000 runs mark. But I recently learned that November 15 2009 marks two decades since Sachin made his test debut against Pakistan at Karachi. And I thought there wouldn’t have been a better occasion to come up with a song.”

Among those who assisted Bruce in his endeavour are Shaun Roberts, a musician from MCC, and Mafia, the vocalist from the band Mudskippers, who provided the backing vocals for this track. Bruce wrote the lyrics for the song after doing a lot of research about Sachin. “I have exhausted my savings in the process of recording this number, but I believe that every verse is worth the effort.”

Does Bruce intend to reach out to Sachin with his music? “I have not met Sachin yet, but I am planning to create a music video for my song by compiling footage from his outstanding matches. Once it goes online, I will rely on netizens to do my job. I am certain that with the lightning speed at which information gets disseminated online, Sachin would soon get to hear this track, which is an anthem for him.”

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