Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of Sachin’s most cherished moment

MUMBAI, 13 NOV: Just a couple of days ahead of completing 20 years in international cricket, Sachin Tendulkar (in an AFP photo) today said getting his first India cap for a Test series against Pakistan in 1989 was the most cherished moment in his life.

“Twenty years add up to a long time and I have had many special moments and it will be difficult to count them. But walking out with the India cap on for the first time in Pakistan was probably the greatest moment,” Tendulkar, who made his international debut in a Test match against Pakistan in Karachi on 15 November, 1989, said.

“It was a long journey and what I did after that was a reflection of my contribution to the game in the country. Playing for the country was my childhood dream and I have fulfilled my dream. I am fortunate to have played for my country for so many years,” he added. Asked about changes in the game he had seen, Tendulkar picked the advent of Twenty20, television assistance with umpiring decisions and batting innovations.

“From 1989, the game has changed a lot - from the introduction of the third umpire and the Hot Spot system to the introduction of Twenty20 and so many things,” he said.

“The most significant is that lots of innovative shots, which were earlier used occasionally, are being played regularly by batsmen now,” Tendulkar said, adding: “There is a lot more risk-taking. Because of this, totals in one-dayers have increased. Nowadays, 275 on a good pitch is not a great score.”


(Source: The Statesman, Kolkata)

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